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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Madison Vinyl Replacement Windows?
Madison Vinyl windows are excellent, energy efficient windows, locally manufactured in Bainbridge, New York. Vinyl windows are durable and make an excellent investment. Of the various materials used to manufacture windows, vinyl is the most popular. Another important factor to consider when purchasing windows for your home is the installer. A bad install can quickly subtract the benefits of upgrading your windows. This is why we hire our own professional installers to install your vinyl replacement windows. When we’re done, you’ll be happy. If you’re not happy, we’re not done.
What comes standard in the windows you sell?

All windows at Madison Vinyl are priced with half screens and a high-performing glass package, which includes Low-E glass, Argon gas, and Duralite Spacer Warm Edge.

What is Low-E glass?
Low-E glass has a non-visible, microscopic layer of silver sandwiched between layers of anti-reflective metal oxide coatings for greater energy efficiency and comfort. Low-E stands for low emissivity. Low-E glass reflects the part of the light spectrum that transmits heat, and in turn decreases a window’s U-Value and increase its R-Value.
How can I tell whether my windows have Low-E glass?
Using a Bic (cigarette) lighter, have someone stand outside the window holding the flame approximately 1″ from the outside pane. If your windows have Low-E glass, you should be able to see four reflections of the flame from the inside.
What are U-Values and R-Values?
A U-Value represents the amount of heat that escapes through a wall, window, roof, or other surface. The lower the U-Value, the more energy efficient the given material is. R-Values are the direct opposite. These measure an object’s resistance to heat flow. The higher a material’s R-Value, the lower its U-Value, the less energy it will lose. R-Value in a window depends on the number of layers of glass, the type of gas between those layers, and whether one or more of those layers has been treated with a Low-E coating.
What is Argon gas used for?
Argon and other inert gasses also will reduce the loss of heat through an insulating glass unit. Since inert gasses are heavier than air, their molecules do not move as easily. This makes the space between the panes of glass in the window less conductive. Inert gasses between the panes of glass make it more difficult for the warmer inside air to pass through the glass to the colder outside. With lower heat loss, the R-Value is increased.
What is warm edge technology?

Warm edge technology, such as Duralite Spacer, deals with the edge condition of a window. The spacer material to which the panes of glass are glued creates the edge condition. A conventional aluminum spacer is extremely conductive. In other words, it transfer heat through it much the same way heat from a fire would travel through a steel rod that has one end placed in the fire. Warm edge spacer materials decrease the window’s tendency to transfer heat from the inside of the house to the outside because it lessens the conduction at the window’s edge. The less heat lost to the exterior of the home, the warmer the home is inside.

Why do windows sweat?
Air is composed of several gases, one of which is moisture vapor. When air comes in contact with the dew-point temperature, that air is chilled and condensation takes place with a residue of water on the surface of the glass. Condensation is the result of excess humidity or excess water vapor in the air coming in contact with a cooler surface such as a window. Madison Vinyl windows are built with features to keep the surface of the glass warmer to reduce the likelihood of condensation. When humidity conditions are extremely high, use the following suggestions to help reduce the moisture in the air: Open windows frequently to air out your home. Use a dehumidifier. Use venting fans in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room.
Will new windows eliminate condensation?
Actually, no. Condensation is caused by moisture vapor suspended in the air, and that’s something no one can guarantee to eliminate. However, high quality vinyl windows, incorporating warm edge technology and glazing systems, help reduce condensation because they’re much less thermally conductive than other window types. They also help keep the temperature of the window warmer, minimizing the hot and cold differences that turn moisture vapor into condensation.

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