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To all at Madison Vinyl,

We wish to thank the company for such professional workmanship and courtesy given to us in completing the window installation and repairs at our home. As always we will continue to refer customers to you.

Mary Lynn and Bob Cummings

I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your installers that came to my house.  How dedicated they were, and what a wonderful job they did.

Doris Cruscavage

Hi Folks,

We’ve been meaning to write this letter for a while now and haven’t gotten around to it. We’re sure that if you have a customer who isn’t completely satisfied, you hear about it quickly.  We thought you would also want to hear from those who are extremely happy with your service and product. First of all, we can’t image how a crew installing windows could have done a better job. Aside from doing a great job putting in the windows, your crew, led by William, was friendly, helpful and neater than anyone we’ve ever had do a job for us on the house. A complete cleanup each afternoon was helpful in allowing us to set up for the next days work.  After living with the windows for about seven months now, we have not found a single flaw in the windows themselves, or in how they were installed. .

There are some benefits that we’ve received from the windows that we expected, such as the absence of drafts, less heat escaping, and the simple fact that they open and close so well and are easy to clean. However, there were also some benefits that we didn’t expect, and I thought that you might be interested in hearing them since they might be selling points that you don’t normally think of, but might be useful, especially with customers living in older houses. First, we found that the house seemed to be cooler in the summer, without the benefit of air conditioning. We have a large house, which holds the cooler night temperatures well, but this seems to have improved with the new windows. Secondly, we have found that we no longer hear sounds from outside – traffic, wind – at the same levels. The house is now quieter. An interesting third benefit that we had not expected has to do with cluster flies. We have always had a cluster fly problem. It’s hard to to tell from just this one fall – winter season, but the number of cluster flies seems to have decreased by about 75%. A fourth benefit also surprised us. This winter we have a skunk living somewhere in our neighborhood. In the past if a skunk sprayed anywhere near the house, we could immediately smell it inside. This year, although there might be a strong odor of skunk right outside our door, we don’t smell it at all inside. Finally, as a photographer, I have now found that I can shoot pictures of the birds coming into our feeders right through the windows, rather than having to be out on the porch. This comes in handy when the temperature is 15 degrees out.

So, as you can see we have received even more benefit from this renovation than we expected, and wanted to let you know how happy we’ve been with this project.

Don and Jan Gersh

Big thanks to Madison Vinyl of Bainbridge for replacing my defective window with a new one. Special thanks to Dan Kurtz and his experienced crew for a fantastic installation job. I highly recommend Madison Vinyl for replacement windows. They stand by their warranty.

Hector Reindeau

Your company came and put in the windows yesterday and we are so happy with the work they did and how helpful they were to my husband.

Murial Dix


I wanted to thank you for the great job on the windows. They look wonderful. I also wanted to let you know what a pleasure your son and the crew were to work with. They always had a smile and an answer for my questions.  Willaim gave me some business cards and I am sure to recommend your company to my clients and friends. Thanks again and have a great summer. God Bless.

Julie Drake

Madison Vinyl,

Thank you for a job well done. Your salesman and technicians are to be commended.

Elaine Bradish

Thank you SOOO much for the work you completed on the windows of our home. Ian did an outstanding job, and we are more than pleased with his work and craftsmanship. We have never seen such excellent detail work, and he was polite and professional while he was here.

If you ever need a reference for future customers, please keep us in mind, we are more than glad to share our positive experience with your agency. This has been the third time you have done work for us, and each time we are more and more impressed.

Thank you for all you do. You give an amazing testimony of service to others.

Justin and Stacie Fitzgerald

Dear Daniel,

This is a letter to complement you and your company for providing high quality windows for our residence here in Stamford.

We are most pleased with the double hung, energy efficient units that look good both inside and out.

A special compliment to Harold your foreman, and his helpers. This is a skilled crew with great technical skills and very good personal skills.
In just about one and one half days, they removed carefully the old wood sashes and aluminum storms and then installed the new vinyl units.

It is a great team of installers that you sent to our home in Stamford, New York. Certainly feel free to use us as very satisfied customers if you need a
reference in our area for the future.

When we build a new budget we will ask you to return and install windows at the first floor level.

John and Mary Jane Butler

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